Our Work

Below are a few of the projects that we have worked on for our clients in the last few years. Use the navigation below to jump to a specific client.





Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program (SAOP)

The Survivor Advocacy Outreach Program is a confidential rape crisis center that serves the communities of Southeastern Ohio. They provide support to survivors and engage with the community by prevention, advocacy, and education.

One of the projects that we did for SAOP was a Teen Dating Violence Month Zine Redesign. Using their existing content, we restructured and redesigned the zine to make it more appealing to its target audience.

The Clothesline Project Poster 1 The Clothesline Project Poster 2 Turn Athens Teal Poster

We also created poster and flyer templates for their main events that they can reuse each year.

We designed posters to advertise for The Clothesline Project, as well as flyers to hand out and signs to put up for the production of the event.

We also created a poster template for the Turn Athens Teal campaign that runs each April.

Another project that we created for SAOP was a video that they could use to explain what they do as a program, as well as let people know how they can get involved to help out the community.

Appalachian Peace & Justice Network (APJN)

APJN Email Newsletter Template

We created a template that could be used for the email newsletters sent out by APJN.

We also created options for a new logo. We used olive branch imagery to symbolize peace and justice in the new logo, and provided two options to choose from.

APJN Circle Logo APJN Bouquet Logo

Paper Circle

The main project that we created for Paper Circle was a video that explained the different parts of their business and organization. The purpose of this video was to educate people about the organization and encourage people to donate.

We also analyzed the Paper Circle website and restructured and reduced the content. We created a mock WordPress site of a website redesign.

Athena Cinema

We created a short promotional video for the Athena Cinema that focused on their student workers.

We also redesigned the logo and branding of the Athena Cinema and created a style guide for them to utilize.

In addition, we created branded stationery and poster templates, and completed an analysis of their social media channels, including competitor data, a content calendar and recommendations for improvement and growth.